XFINITY.COM/AUTHORIZE - Enter xfinity activation code to activate the modem - this is the official website that allows clients to access the Xfinity Gateway. Discover the best cable, music, and phone deals online. By interacting for the entertainment bundle with Xfinity authorize. Enter xfinity activation code of 6 digit at or to enable the Xfinity Gateway.

How to sign in to Xfinity account

  1. Visit the official xfinity website -
  2. Click on Sign In button
  3. Scroll and click on create account under sign in
  4. Tap continue using your mobile phone number
  5. Check that you are not a robot and continue
  6. Enter your phone number and the code sent to your phone
  7. After entering the code, click Continue and continue to complete your profile.

Signing in to account

  1. Connect your device to internet first
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Enter the username and password.
  4. Speed up your WiFi connection.

How to Activate your device from

  1. To activate your device, visit -
  2. Enter your xfinity activation code
  3. Follow the prompts on screen to continue Xfinity activation
  4. Link to your home network and whether your router or modem allows a wireless link, attach your gadgets to your home network’s WiFi name and password upon xfinity activation.
  5. You’ll be able to join Xfinity after you have followed all the procedures.

How to Xfinity activate my phone?

Your new phone has arrived. It's time to bring it to life on Xfinity Mobile!

Whether you're transferring a number from your previous carrier or getting a new number, we've made the activation process simple — and you can do it all online, using Xfinity Mobile My Account.

From "Devices," select the phone you'd like to activate. Then we'll walk you through each step the xfinity activation process.

How does Xfinity authorize work?

Xfinity is partnering with some of the most innovative connected home hardware and software brands to provide you with increased protection and greater power over your house. That means you can quickly incorporate the smart home accessories you may already be using into your Xfinity experience, such as lights and thermostats.

When combined, you will run these tools from the same comfortable location where you control your home monitoring system or home network. What you need is a device compliant with either the Xfinity Home app, the Xfinity xFi app or entry.