www.xfinity.com/authorize - You can activate Xfinity Gateway from it's official website - Xfinity.com/authorize to find the best deals online for Internet, Video and Mobile services. Enjoy entertainment, stay connected and get the service you need online.

What is Xfinity.com/authorize or xfinity.com/activate?

Xfinity.com/authorize is the official xfinity webpage to activate the modem or gateway online. You can get the best deals online for Internet, Video and Mobile services with xfinity. With Xfinity in place, people can watch movies as and when the DVDs are released and almost a month before Redbox and Netflix. It also offers other features like Remote App and AnyRoom DVR services. The best part is that Xfinity can be streamed on televisions with the help of streaming players such as Roku.

How to connect roku to xfinity from xfinity.com/authorize?

Roku players lets people watch anything they want. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free Xfinity watching experience, then you should connect your Roku player Xfinity by visiting Xfinity.com/activate.

  1. Go to Roku Channel Store and sign in to xfinity app
  2. You can find Xfinity Activation Code on your Roku-connected device or Roku. Visit xfinity.com/authorize on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Enter xfinity activation code here
  4. Enter the login credentials and sign in to your Xfinity account
    • Your Roku-connected device or Roku will be updated shortly.
  5. You can choose YES to continue with the activation process. The ‘NO’ option will restart the Xfinity TV activation process.
  6. You can them give a name for your device and choose ‘Confirm’.
  7. You can now see the Main Menu screen and start using the Xfinity Beta App.

To get more details about xfinity, visit Xfinity.com/authorize and if you face any issues or need any help, contact xfinity support team.